Independent Comedian Audience
Apr 26

What is an Independent Comedian?

By Manny Garavito | Positioning

As I was starting a website and publicly displaying how to grow an audience as a stand up comic, I began coining the term Independent Comedian. As I was connecting with readers regarding this new concept, I get asked often what this term really means. This blog post is dedicated to brush up on the idea and […]

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Funny Does Not Equal Money
Nov 14

Does Funny Equal Money?

By Manny Garavito | Getting Paid

The Funniest Person In The Room Does Not Get Paid The Most…It’s unfortunate, but true…Wrap your head around this concept:How many times have you seen a comedian that YOU thought wasn’t funny, getting the spot you were supposed to fill in, or have comedy competitions won over by someone who simply hasn’t paid their dues?Hear […]

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