Does Funny Equal Money?

By Manny Garavito | Getting Paid

Nov 14
Funny Does Not Equal Money

The Funniest Person In The Room Does Not Get Paid The Most...

It's unfortunate, but true...

Wrap your head around this concept:

How many times have you seen a comedian that YOU thought wasn't funny, getting the spot you were supposed to fill in, or have comedy competitions won over by someone who simply hasn't paid their dues?

Hear me out, because I work with A LOT of comedians, and each of them have different styles of trying to "make it".

From comics who try to become viral, win comedy competitions, and even fight online in order to get attention towards their careers.

It just does not make sense, but being the funniest person does not mean you are going to make it.

There are many talented comics that have been making people laugh for YEARS and have never been passed the local comedy club, or a couple of TV creds.

Don't fall for this career trap in thinking that anything is owed to you if you become HILARIOUS.

People will like you while you're on stage, but forget about you the next day.

How can you avoid this pitfall?

To really start scaling and maximizing the potential you have in earning income as a comic, is solely reliant on your creativity and your implications of it.

And the best and most effective form of implications of creativity is online marketing.

Businesses consider this to be the #1 process that can create millions to billions!

Imagine what this can do for one comedian?

You too can find the audience you deserve, who would like to pay you money for the kind of jokes you make.

Because you have communicated in a way that no one else has.

Having a stage to perform on is great, but what about all the time in between? I believe the internet can be a powerful tool to amplify your comedy, because you are online longer than when you are on stage!

I invite you to check out our exclusive course that you can use to instantly switch your comedy career towards finding an audience. It's called Easy Comedy Marketing.

About the Author

Manny Garavito is an Independent Comedian based out of Miami, FL. After years of producing nightly comedy shows in a city where an entertainment industry is non-existent, he decided to share with you how to make it as a comic on your own.