How To Find an Audience as a
Stand Up Comedian

Announcing the FIRST ecourse that shows comedians how to POSITION yourself in finding a supportive audience that LOVES your comedy.


Easy Comedy Marketing is a series of video lessons that shows aspiring comedians how to make an income by attracting an audience that LOVES your comedy.

These methods can be used in any level of experience.

Whether you are starting out or already have booked gigs and an hour of material.

This e-course will show you how to start POSITIONING yourself to create an audience that will provide you an income without a booker having to do this for you.

This program is a simple 12 lesson e-course into 3 simple and practical parts that will implement how to use Marketing and your Comedy Creativity to create a foundation that will attract people to your comedy style in just over 2+ hours.

If you've always felt a special calling to become a successful comedian, and you've always dreamed about making an income sharing the joys of laughter...join me in Easy Comedy Marketing and turn your calling into a reality.

Part 1: Shifting from Comedian to Marketer

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    You'll learn what real Marketing is and how to apply it into a comedy career.
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    Find out what are the BIG mistakes being done by comedians today that will make their careers completely reliant on bookers.
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    You'll understand what it is to create VALUE for people and become a VALUABLE comedian for others.

Part 2: Creating Your Online Foundation

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    You'll discover how to create an online presence that will make comedy fans want to RESEARCH what your comedy is all about.
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    Become a proactive comedian by interacting with potential customers and comedy fans using Social Media.
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    Find out what creates Quality Content and use it to communicate effectively for the audience you are building.

Part 3: Systemize the Process

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    Compile everything you learned in creating a system that generates content.
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    Make writing a HABIT and use it to create an ongoing process that generates and fine-tunes your comedy career.
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    Learn important skills to become a comedian with a GREAT Reputation and backs up everything you do online and onstage.

Here Is Everything You Get When You Register Today:

  • 12 Video Lessons Split Into 3 Practical and Easy to Remember Parts
  • 12 PDF Form Exercises That Implements What You Just Learned After Each Lesson
  • Over 2+ Hours of Easy to Use Video Training

All for a ONE-TIME payment of $197

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There is no ecourse in the market that shows you the kinds of trials and errors I had to go through in order to become an Independent Comedian. I am very confident that you will benefit with what I have to show you.


If by Lesson #5 you do not find what you are learning to be of any use to your comedy career; simply request a refund within 30-days and I will process this for you.

Manny Garavito

Manny Garavito Founder Of Independent Comedian

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