How To Create A Path Towards Becoming A Better Comedian

By Manny Garavito | Positioning

Jan 26
Being The Best Comedian You Can Be

Create a path for yourself to becoming a better comedian

When it comes to becoming the best version of yourself in any endeavor, you must consider positioning yourself early to make it inevitable.

No one ever mastered anything without expertise, and experience is the key word to make mastery possible.

Comedy is no different.

Although, most believe that being funny is the only way to make it into comedy, I've learned the counter-intuitive skills that bring up a more sure way to make a name for yourself as a comedian.

Here are 5 things you need in order to start positioning yourself becoming a better comedian in the modern industry.

1. Write Often

The voice that people are developing on stage comes from writing.

It is the mental teleprompter that you continue to polish by editing not only whats written, but how its relayed during performances.

Writing often makes your brain quicker into picking out the right things to say at the right time, in other words timing.

In order to position yourself to become a writer, my advice is to consider that its not about how great your writing is, but how many times you do it.

There will be times when the creativity just bursts into your writing, but you must set up the time in order for it to happen.

And when it does, it will occur more and more frequently!

2. Learn Marketing

I made this second on this list because here is what most comedians would rather not do.

As you begin to uncover how to make a name for yourself outside of joke writing, you'll soon realize that marketing is the second best thing.

The comedy industry is SO saturated, that you will only become another name with a microphone. Not only to bookers, but audiences as well.

Learn the skill of understanding how to find customers and create a foundation to keep a clear channel where they are happy to support you in your comedy career.

3. Create A Presence

How you carry yourself on and off stage becomes the subtle brand of who you are becoming as a comedian.

The clothes you wear, the people you surround yourself with, the things you say etc. The list goes on and on in what makes a presence.

However, whatever it is that helps you become the kind of comic you'd want to become, do that.

And don't just pick up anything, make sure that whatever it is you choose to add onto your life that it reinvigorates you and makes you excited in continuing this decision.

4. Cultivate An Online Presence

Here is a funny thing about being a fan of stand up comedy.

I work with a lot of comedians, including some of my favorite that I've seen on TV.

And the majority of the most talented comics I've ever come across do not have an online presence.

Just a few videos on YouTube, or very little social media content.

This speaks irrelevancy to whoever is interested in that one time they saw you performing.

And becoming irrelevant is the fastest way to shut down your comedy career.

5. Learn To Communicate To Your Audience

Saying jokes on stage is fun, but what happens after it's all over?

You're forgotten. No one cares outside of your set.

But if you learn how to continue communicating to your audience, you can establish a stronger relationship.

This is why there are so many podcasts by touring comedians, it is an effective way to keep the jokes going!

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Everything you do goes into your progress of reaching your goal.

Every thing listed here are effective skills to start investing your time and efforts to.

What you learn in your journey cannot be taken away by anyone.

Thus, creating a level of expertise in these 5 skills will help you towards a more optimized path of becoming a successful comedian.

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About the Author

Manny Garavito is an Independent Comedian based out of Miami, FL. After years of producing nightly comedy shows in a city where an entertainment industry is non-existent, he decided to share with you how to make it as a comic on your own.