How To Get Paid As An Unknown Comedian

By Manny Garavito | Getting Paid

Oct 11
How To Get Paid As An Unknown Comedian

How To Make Money As An Unknown Comedian

Did you know that the more skills you have apart from making people laugh on stage, directly impacts how you get paid as a comedian? Especially if there are no television credits, or worse, you have no online following! Here's how to make money as an unknown comedian.

The Independent Comedian website is an idea that aims to assist up and coming comedians to make a name for themselves without depending on "outside circumstances".

I use the term "outside circumstances" loosely because this is different for everyone.

Whether its a booker, your time schedule, or even yourself preventing what you know you deserve.

I'm almost positive that making people in large groups laugh may be one of the biggest rushes we can experience as performers, but what amplifies this feeling is knowing we are getting PAID to do so!

Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled after a gig than knowing that check, or cash is coming and it is reasonably priced!

Not gas money, not nachos and wings, not a beer, we're talking the kind of pay where you are a partner of the production rather than someone being used for someone else's massive gain.

So how does this happen, why do some performers get great pay while others are getting close to zero?

It all comes down to what you define as VALUE.

Ask yourself this question, and write down the answer on a memo pad:

What makes you a valuable comedian?

Kind of hard to answer, I know...

Big bookers in the comedy industry don't book performers just because they are funny...the big bucks come to performers who create a "presence" where people arrive, pay the ticket, and buy stuff off the menu.

It's one big celebration!

How can you replicate this? Well, you're not going to become Kevin Hart overnight.

No one is going to text you a big movie role as an open micer, or feature act.

So since you aren't in demand, the money doesn't come as easily.

However, what you do have complete control is laying a foundation of value as a comedian.

And this can be a complex process because we all have different skills and talents that you can polish value out of, but no one is going to guide you through that process.

And if they did, you would have to pay them a percentage off everything you do!

So how do you lay this foundation of value? Where opportunities keep knocking at your door, and where you give that opportunity a roadmap to where to find that door in the first place.

If you understand how to make people laugh on stage, the other side of that equation is how do you get them there, especially when you are not someone who's face on a flyer will get them there.

You're going to have to reach in deep in your abilities of communication to do this.

Best of all, you won't even have to do this all the time, once you have it done right, you can set up the online foundation to do all the selling for you!

If you are interested in learning how to make these changes as a comedian, REPLY to this email and let me know what it your number one concern or frustration as a comedian.

You can still be funny, but more effectively, as a marketer - and I believe that whole-heartedly. You can generate your own income without waiting for someone to write you a check.

Get the results you want whenever you want by learning how to get paid as an unknown comedian.

About the Author

Manny Garavito is an Independent Comedian based out of Miami, FL. After years of producing nightly comedy shows in a city where an entertainment industry is non-existent, he decided to share with you how to make it as a comic on your own.