Independent Comedian

What is an Independent Comedian?

What is an Independent Comedian

How serious are you about your comedy career?

On a scale of 1 - 10; how critical is it that you become an entertainer in your life?

Imagine, now, all of the things that will go against you in the process...

You know how they say..."that's showbiz"?​ The standard response EVERYTIME something unfair happens to you in the entertainment industry?

  • All the people who will say no to you, but say yes to others. Based on personal biases.
  • All the potential fans who will not pay attention to you until you're famous.
  • Comics who don't respect you for not being an insider of their "cliques".
  • Bookers who say: you're not ready, you're not funny, keep grinding open mics, you haven't paid your dues, etc.
  • All the ​hacky comedy happening around you diluting your comedy scene. Exploiting cultures, ethnicities, stealing jokes, and still getting more fame because "it sells".

What if I told you, that if you lay down your talents, reviewed them critically and FOCUS on its value, you can build your own following; and never depend on these "traditional" notions of showbiz?

I've been a comedian for about 8 years,

...and I've never been on television, never been booked on a weekend show at a comedy club, and never gone viral.

...And still, I make a steady weekly income being a comedian...

How? Simply going against the status quo..and breaking TRADITION.

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