What is an Independent Comedian?

By Manny Garavito | Positioning

Apr 26
Independent Comedian Audience

As I was starting a website and publicly displaying how to grow an audience as a stand up comic, I began coining the term Independent Comedian.

As I was connecting with readers regarding this new concept, I get asked often what this term really means.

This blog post is dedicated to brush up on the idea and provide a clear definition, as well as some important factors to be in the new wave of comedians learning how to master their careers.

What is an Independent Comedian?

An Independent Comedian is someone who creates their own opportunities instead of someone giving it to them.

Breaking into the entertainment industry is hard throughout, and to wait for your turn may be the biggest waste of time.

Over the years, I've worked with comedians who've had their "Big Break" only to go back to the drawing board right after.

It simply doesn't make sense to have circumstance dictate who you are as an entertainer.

Secondly, and Independent Comedian is aware of their Comedy Persona

I define a Comedy Persona as a well where you draw your comedic creativity from. It is also a hub where your experience gets put into skills and vice versa.

An Independent Comedian also has a clear and defined Comedy Career.

A comedy career is where your persona, skills, and expertise gets put to good use.

Every stand up comedian must take full responsibility to become their best versions of themselves and put it to good use.

Also knowing what to take with you, and what to leave behind.

Lastly, and most importantly, Independent Comedians know how to create their own audience.

If you do not have an audience you do not have a means to be an entertainer, its that simple.

Let's dive a bit further into these concepts.

Creating Your Own Opportunities

Waiting to get into show business can lead you into a life of infinite disappointments.

There are way too many factors involved to not only break into the industry, but what you're destined to do may already be filled-in by someone else!

Detaching yourself from the would-be chance of being chosen for your dream opportunity frees up your efforts create them on your own.

And in today's connected world, you can do so from the comfort of your own home!

Growing Your Comedy Persona

Your #1 priority is to get good as a performer.

This ultimately will become your product and service and it is what's for sale.

Developing a thorough understanding of what makes you entertaining and establishing an expertise about it is what will fluctuate the VALUE you have to offer.

Over time, you will begin to understand the skills you possess, and what the audience wants; and find the balance between the two.

Designing Your Comedy Career

After discovering your comedy persona and the opportunities that come with it; you can then begin taking the successful steps towards getting paid.

There are different opportunities for different kinds of entertainers.

It's up to you to uncover what works for you, take what makes sense, and not pursue what isn't worth your time.

Once you have full control of your comedy career, you can then combine that into the comedy industry to multiply your success.

Creating your Audience

Entertainers know that if there is no audience, there is no entertaining.

Independent Comedians build an organic following or people and establish a relationship with them.

Developing the skill to create a following and communicating effectively to them, is the pulse of your career.

This apart from your comedy persona, is an asset for your comedy business.

To learn how to create and audience for your comedy persona, click here.

About the Author

Manny Garavito is an Independent Comedian based out of Miami, FL. After years of producing nightly comedy shows in a city where an entertainment industry is non-existent, he decided to share with you how to make it as a comic on your own.